We offer a beautiful array of services at Sulit.  Discover more about our services and treat yourself to deep healing in the following areas of interest:

Reiki Sessions & Trainings

How's your overall energy? Need energetic alignment, clearing or boost? 


Reiki Master Intuitive Michelle Kavieff offers a powerful and comprehensive Reiki treatment with the addition of many other modalities such as stone medicine, shamanic practices, intuitive channeling activations and more. 


Or want to become a Reiki Practitioner? 


Michelle Kavieff


1.5 Hours



Soul Memory Discovery

What's the highest version of you? How do you discover it? 


Soul Memory Discovery allows us to identify and release densities and limiting beliefs that is stored in your soul's memory bank (from this & past lives) which keeps you from accessing your highest self. Karina Zulino is an expert in discovering the "unseen" and assisting the purification of souls on earth!

You are brave, you can change, you can evolve, you can forgive, you are compassion, you are perfection and Divine love & light! 


Karina A Zulino


1 hour & 1.5 Hours


$120 & $150

High Vibe Home Service

Allison Wooten is a highly intuitive spiritual channel and healer who uses her gifts of claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, past-life recognition and empathy to provide high-vibrational intuitive readings/messages from one’s spiritual guidance team. The clear information that is presented in a session with Allison inspires and fascilitates one’s growth, healing and transformation... 


Allison Wooten


30min & 1 hour


$75 & $130

EMF Solutions - Free EMF Levels test

Learn how to protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF's!

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF's) or "radiation" is invisible, all around us and harmful to us. There are well over 10,000 studies proving EMF's harmful effects.  A few bio-effects from EMF's include fatigue issues, sleep disturbances, concentration difficulties, headaches, immune system imbalances and more... despite if you are yet experiencing these symptoms, everyone is getting cell and DNA damage.


We provide free education, EMF levels testing and offer simple but effective solutions!


Karina Zulino


1-2 hours



You are worth it!

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