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Allison Wooten is a highly intuitive spiritual channel and healer who uses her gifts of claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, past-life recognition and empathy to provide high-vibrational intuitive readings/messages from one’s spiritual guidance team. The clear information that is presented in a session with Allison inspires and fascilitates one’s growth, healing and transformation.

Allison has been providing readings for ten years and has been avidly studying and integrating spiritual information for over twenty years. She is adept in astrology, numerology, oracle cards and tarot. In addition to providing intuitive readings, Allison has a wide range of experience in holistic health and energy healing, including certificates in Reiki, aromatherapy, and holistic nutrition. She believes greatly in the balance between the physical and spiritual world and loves to assist others in manifesting what they desire through conscious creation. A southern California native, Allison’s passions are spending time outdoors, art, dancing, music, spiritual studies and enjoying time with family and friends.

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Allison Wooten

Intuitive Channel and Healer | Wellness Coach

Allison Wooten is a natural born spiritual intuitive, empath and ascension coach who uses her gifts of clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, to deliver direct channeled messages from one’s higher self and their highest vibrational spiritual guidance team. The information that is received from one’s guidance team is that which assists them in understanding what is most important for them on their path currently, as well as what changes will most benefit them at this time. Allison has direct information and access to one’s past lives and ties that into her readings when needed to understand patterns and the larger picture. As an ascension coach, her readings aim to help one understand what their true life purpose is and what innate, and often latent, gifts that they have. The main goal of Allison’s sessions is to help people step onto the path of living their most joyful life. Clients leave her readings with a deep shift and a hopeful, uplifted and positive perspective.


Allison has avidly studied spirituality and its concepts for many years and has many life experiences that helped to integrate spirituality at an experience level, not just from spiritual theory. She has a deep knowledge of many facets of spirituality. Reiki (levels 1-2 certification), quantum healing, astrology, earth medicine, the Law of Attraction, numerology, twin flames, tarot, and oracle cards are all a part of her spiritual toolkit, and she uses aspects of all of them to tie into a very comprehensive reading.


In addition to her spiritual background, Allison has a strong background in holistic health, with certificates in holistic nutrition and aromatherapy from the Natural Healing Institute. Her background in physical health is a large part of her work, as she is able to channel specific foods, vitamins, essential oils, and supplements that would contribute to better physical balance in her clients.


Currently, Allison sees private clients in sessions and is in the process of branding herself as a spiritual and health lifestyle coach under her business name, Allison’s Alchemy. Previously, she worked closely with John Assaraf within his company, Neurogym, coaching clients from all over the world with his brain retraining sound technology programs. In addition to spiritual work, Allison is most passionate about nature, outdoor activity, music, art, leading eco-tours and being a mother to her daughter, Isabella.

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