Craniosacral Therapy

"Craniosacral therapy helps your body release the effects of held life experiences."


Craniosacral therapy focuses on re-establishing balance in the fascial networks of the body. CST intimately works within the connective tissue, which essentially connects all aspects of the body together. Encouragement of movement and symmetry within these systems is the intention. Restoring balance to the nervous system allows for neurological, physiological, and anatomical change to occur.

Joseph Shum

Naturopath Medicine

Joe’s passion for medicine begins with his upbringing in a traditional Chinese household where his grandfather spent each morning training him in Qi Gong and Kung Fu; acupressure and herbal decoctions were a part of daily life.

Born and raised in Maryland, he became an all-state high school wrestler leading his team to a regional championship. He went on to earn his Bachelor’s of Science in Physiology and Neurobiology from the University of Maryland. While studying as an undergraduate, he worked at a local hospital where he confirmed his passion for complementary and alternative medicine and gained a face-to-face appreciation for the health concerns that are plaguing our communities and nation. He completed his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University California where he excelled in Physical Medicine training. Joe served as the President of the Craniosacral Club, leading club meetings and serving as a teaching assistant for several training courses. His vision is incorporate Naturopathy, homeopathy, physical medicine, regenerative medicine, and functional neurology into a care model that directly improves the quality of life for his patients.


Today, Joe continues to enjoy martial arts training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo, and wrestling. Facilitating a pain-free life and rebuilding stability for others fuel his purpose and passion.

If you are ready to make positive changes, access your inner wisdom, receive support, guidance and new tools to help you step forward confidently on your path, book a class and/or a session today!

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Joseph Shum


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