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As the art of yoga is multi-faceted and encompasses a broad pallet of expression, so it is reflected in the Sulit teachings. Beyond yoga we further explore breath work and conscious discussions. 

Our classes are 100% donation based, giving you the freedom to experience what Sulit has to offer anytime, no commitment necessary! Space is limited, sign up today to assure your spot in class! See schedule below.


Come and learn about Embodied Pelvic Integration with licensed acupuncturist and sexological bodyworker Maggie Flood on Monday July 15th from 6-7pm.


The process revolves around physical and emotional pain resolution by utilizing the combined modalities of acupuncture, scar tissue remediation and embodiment coaching to reintroduce the body to its root chakra, a place which we have become chronically disconnected. 


$10 Suggested donation based class

Space is limited, sign up today to reserve your spot!

Classes Offered
Yin Yoga with Reiki
Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga for all levels where calming asanas (poses) get deep into the connective tissues of the body to release tension and stress. This practice also cultivates an inner focus and awareness that benefits most every aspect of life.
Reiki (ray-kee) is the healing-touch practice of channeling life-force energy to facilitate vitality and restore balance on all levels.

These two practices complement one another, allowing for a sense of peace and wellbeing.
Sound Bath
Allow yourself to be bathed in the healing vibrations of crystal sound bowls. Sound healing is known to have a balancing effect on mind, body and spirit.

Take the time to relax and receive the healing vibrations of sound!
Deeksha & Meditation
Deeksha, or the ONENESS Blessing, it is a Divine intelligent energy transfer that causes a neurobiological transformation within the brain of the recipient. This transfer helps people move away from the sense of separation towards a sense of connectedness and oneness with all creation, allowing feelings of bliss, ease, peace, joy, and love to be more fully experienced in one’s daily life. It is not a teaching or concept, but rather an experience or process that supports all paths or beliefs.
Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga is ancient Yoga technology, aging back centuries in India. It comes from Raj Yoga and is known as a “King of Yoga” practice that combines Posture, Breathwork, Mantra (Chanting), Mudra, Drishti, and Bandas (Energetic Locks). Kundalini Yoga is meant to activate our physical, emotional, & energetic bodies so that we can become more aware & easily achieve a deep meditative state. It has been known to help us rewire & map the Nervous System to help break habits and create new patters.
Conscious Community
During this time we are given the space to openly share in a semi-organized discussion. All are welcome to come casually chat about the human experience and how it relates to awakening, consciousness and/or the evolution of our species. All views are accepted and cherished!
Hatha Yoga
This all levels class will reflect the creative expression of yoga taught through the inspiration of each individual instructor. Each class will include a combination of all or some Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, aroma therapy, sound healing and Reiki.
Wellness Lounge
Every Tuesday, starting April 16th from 2-5pm The menu of offerings is full of healing modalities to help you find balance and alignment. These affordable offerings include community Acupuncture, Craniosacral work, Reiki energy healing, Bemer therapy, Intuitive Readings and more.

Fee based event.
Tools & Techniques
Learn about tools & techniques to help you to connect to self. Mindfulness, conscious manifestation, uncovering intuition, energy hygiene are among the many topics covered. Hone your magical skills in this valuable weekly class.
Soul Care
SoulCare - Fitness for your MindBodySprit

Through guided experiential lessons you will begin the journey of self discovery and learn to give your soul what it requires to feel nourished, alive and balanced. The perfect antidote for our fast paced, over stimulated lives.

Every Monday at 11am
Johrei Blessing
Come experience the cleansing and purification energy of Johrei!
Johrei is a manifestation of divine energy that can be transmitted through one individual to another for spiritual healing. As the spiritual body is cleansed, the mind and body are also uplifted, healed and attuned to spiritual truth. Johrei has its roots in Japan, and is gaining recognition in the West as a non-invasive energy healing practice. It is a universal vibration that is available to all. Bi-weekly on Mondays at 10:30am
Oracle Hour
Use of oracle cards can bring about a sense of trust and Divine guidance and assist us along our journey of life.

Connect to the impactful insights of oracle readings each Friday from 3-4pm for Oracle Hour. We will join together and support one another in receiving the wisdom of the cards.
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Updated Class Schedule - Space is limited, sign up today to assure your spot in class! 

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