To build & support a community of awakening people by providing education & healing services to those seeking a higher Truth.


Sulit Wellness Collective is an intimate and safe community to explore and awaken your body, mind and spirit through teachings, meditations, Reiki, Soul Memory Discovery, and much more.

We at Sulit believe that there are many paths to wellness and spiritual growth and honor them all. 


Building community is of great importance to our healing collective. We provide various and unique ways for the community to connect with one another on our path of evolution.



Divine Crystal Anointing Healing Pendant Necklace


These beautiful crystal bottle pendants are suspended on a 14k gold filled chain, filled with an aromatic essential oil blend and attuned to the highest Divine frequencies that will support your healing and spiritual journey! 


Each bottle is specifically programmed by Master Healers who channel Divine frequencies and codes to support you in specific areas of need. 


There are three pre-programmed options to choose from:


  • Clear Quartz - Amplify your intent!

  • Fluorite- Release what no longer serves!

  • Lapiz Lazuli- Step into your power! 


Each of these specific resonances of healing, when worn, will attune you to that particular frequency of healing.

Sacred Bottles can also be custom programmed for your own unique needs.  This includes a comprehensive energetic and soul memory diagnosis and healing. 

Healing frequencies, beneficial for you will then be programmed into your Sacred Bottle to carry these codes for you indefinitely. 


To book your own custom reading and bottle email us at sulitwellness@gmail.com

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How's your overall energy? Need energetic alignment, clearing or boost? 


 Reiki Master Intuitive Michelle Kavieff offers a powerful and comprehensive Reiki treatment with the addition of many other modalities such as stone medicine, shamanic practices, intuitive channeling activations and more. 


Or want to become a Reiki Practitioner? 



What is your highest version of self and how can you access it? 


Vibrational Therapy allows us to identify and clear discordant energies that are stored in your subtle bodies from any timeline or dimension. These dense programs, beliefs, contracts and traumas have kept us from accessing your highest path and connecting to our deepest truth. Karina Zulino can help discover these  outdated "unseen" energies and will assist in the purification of our soul so we can reach our highest wisdom and evolve!

We are SO MUCH MORE than we have ever imagined, let's clear out old programming to SEE BEYOND!

Green Farm



Learn how to protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF's!

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF's) or "radiation" is invisible, all around us and harmful to us. There are well over 10,000 studies proving EMF's harmful effects.  A few bio-effects from EMF's include fatigue issues, sleep disturbances, concentration difficulties, headaches, immune system imbalances and more... despite if you are yet experiencing these symptoms, everyone is getting cell and DNA damage.

We provide free education, EMF levels testing and offer simple but effective solutions!

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Would you like your home to feel like a sanctuary that uplifts and brings peace and harmony to your mind/body/spirit?

There are many things that we can do, and practices we can perform that can create a living environment that is therapeutic and uplifting for you and your loved ones.

We will incorporate many ancient, spiritual and shamanic practices as well as modern innovative tools to Raise the Vibe of Your Home! 


Yep, us too.

You are worth it!

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